INTERCARE was founded to offer state-of-the-art services for the equipment, supplies and accessories needed for cafés, bars and restaurants. We bring a new philosophy, expressed in our prompt and excellent customer service for coffee shop equipment, coffee accessories, bar supplies and restaurant equipment.

Our mission is to cover all of your business needs quickly and effectively.

We believe in the value of personal service and we have experience, knowledge and above all passion for our work.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our partners based on trust.

Why us

Bar, café and restaurant variety in equipment and supplies

In INTERCARE you will find everything concerning bar, restaurant and cafe equipment, as well as consumables in a huge variety and at competitive prices.

We understand the increased cost of seeking numerous suppliers for the coverage of your business needs, which is why we are your onestopshop!

We provide everything concerning:

  • Equipment for catering outlets (restaurants, bars, cafes)
  • Product and takeaway items printing with your own logo
  • Bar, café and restaurant supplies
  • Stationery and detergents for coffee shops, bars, restaurants and caterings

Personalized service

We believe in personal relationships and we operate more as your buisness partner rather than just suppliers.

We make sure to immediately cover the needs of your business and to facilitate its smooth operation. We provide high quality professional service in a personal level and we save you time and money from searching numerous suppliers. We offer everything from porcelain, glassware and presentation items to kitchen equipment – bar, stationery, detergents and consumables.

We take care of all your business needs, since it is easy for you to order while:

  • Communicating just one time
  • Making one, full order
  • Talking with one partner
  • Having a single account


We recently created a new show room (240 square metres) for you, located in the centre of Athens (54 Iera Odos Str, 1st floor), which we cordialy invite you to visit.
In INTERCARE’s showroom, you can see up close all porcelain, cutlery and glass designs and new trends, as well as complete serving suggestions. Together we can find the ideal suggestions in serving items and cuisine ware, which will highlight the unique style and personality of your coffee shop, bar, hotel, or restaurant.

In our showroom you will find:

  • Refined selections of porcelain items, glasses and cuttlery
  • Buffet and table presentation proposals
  • Full series of accessories
  • Professional and personalized services